Hello, I’m kinda back.

Biting my nails because I don’t know how to start.

Well, how do you reintroduce yourself to writing after forsaking it for so many years? The truth is, I’m ashamed to start over again. I’m ashamed because I know I turned my back on one thing that I genuinely love doing. But I’ve been ashamed for 3 years now and nothing good came out of it. So here I am, trying it again because pouring out my soul feels so good.

So let’s see.

My name is Jona, I acquired a new last name 5 months ago after marrying the man I often write about in this blog. We got married under the woods and the stars and used Ben Howard’s Old Pine as our wedding theme song. It said “the memories are the best things you will ever have”, and he is right about that.

I am currently living in a different country after 31 years of growing my roots deep into the same ground. I still love the Philippines, but Australia is beginning to feel like home too.

I also quit my job, the same ones I complained about the first few blog post but I grew to love as the years go by. The same job that has occupied the best of me. Currently, I’m working as a full time wife. That feels kinda odd to write but no significant complaints here. I get to sleep as much as I want for now.

I visited a lot of places after my last travel post 3 years ago (Dicasalarin Cove) and wish to visit more places and hoping to share them all again here, just like the old time.

7 years ago, I wrote about how much I love indie/folk music – still listening to the same ones now.

I still believe my only audience are my mother, my sister and now my husband. But if you’re out there and you find this blog a good waste of your time, thank you. 

My stormless sky is still as clear as a summer day, and if you truly believe it, yours could be the same too.

Exploring Sibuyan: The Ruins of San Fernando’s Spanish Casa


Most folks in this island still believes and respects the “unknown”. Infact, when we had to explore certain places that locals deemed sacred or mysterious (such as caves, unexplored rivermouths, hidden nook in the mountains), my grandmother would have us keep a handful of salt in our pockets to ward off playful spirits and would let us drink saltwater mixture upon returning home. The island is still full of mysticism and myths even up to this present day. One fine day, armed with salt in our pockets, we visited this eerie ruins in San Fernando Sibuyan.

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Exploring Sibuyan: The Clear Waters of Cantingas River

Hailed as one of the The Cleanest River in the Philippines, Cantingas River is such a sight to behold

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Sibuyan Romblon : Why chasing this elusive jewel should be on everyone’s travel list.

Sibuyan is my mom’s birthplace. She is blessed really, to call this enchanting island her home.


Last summer, we braved the unpredictable sea for almost 20 hours to bring my mother back to the place where she spent her childhood. Hoping to reconcile with past memories and old friends, she went. Not really knowing that aside from her homecoming, my heart too, found a new home.

Sibuyan has been dubbed by some local and international natural scientists as “the Galapagos of Asia”, because it has remained in isolation from the rest of the world since its formation. Never in its geological history has it ever been connected with any part of the Philippine archipelago. Sibuyan Island remains as one of the most unspoiled ecosystems in the Philippines and the world. – Wikipedia

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