Hot air Balloon Festival

Clarkfield Pampanga is unusually packed this early 4AM. I remember not getting any sleep during the entire ride, mostly because the music on my boyfriend’s mp3 is so freakin filled with vibrant, jumpy songs it wont send me to sleep. So i settle with looking out the window, admiring the city lights and getting lost in musing.  By 4 AM we entered the Clark Freeport Zone and all the parking lots are crowded. There seemed to be a death march going on as I see multitude of people carrying food, water and  shelter (nah just camping gears I guess), walking straight to the entrance. This is cool, I only brought with me one pack of M&Ms, how are we gonna survive?


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Clock and handmade box

Its amazing when someone remembers little details about you simply because he wants to and not because you told him so.

My boyfriend knows my love for everything vintage so he gave me this charming clock (Ofcourse I know this is also his subliminal message saying I should be on time during our dates. Hah!). He also remembers I appreciate organic and Pinoy made products so he got me this handcrafted box from my favorite Grassroots.

Nothing fancy, but very thoughtful. That is what I mostly love about him.

Somehow, he reminded me to value time and keep those you love safe and warm. You really dont need alot in life, really.



Sorry for being sick.

It has been a week since I last updated this blog, I mostly blame it from being sick (fever, cold, cough etc) and my crappy internet connection.  I always want to be positive in everything, so I quickly made a list of things to be thankful for even though I’m suffering from terrible bouts of shivers and headache tonight.I hope you have more to be thankful for.

PS. I’ll try to be better. I promise.

My Happy List amidst being sick

1. My mom’s hot soup
2. Friend’s and loved ones messages to get well soon
3. Not being obliged to take a cold shower
4. Fruits peeled with love
5. Warm coffee in the morning. Hot choco at noon.
6. My little sister’s incredible obedience when I ask her to get me a glass of water.
7. A “legit” excuse to skip work/class
8. Sleeping anywhere without anyone bothering you to wake up
9. Not trying to look good and wear whatever you want to wear.
10. Realization that your health is very important and how amazing it is to feel healthy and wonderful again.



No enemies. Just strangers.

I was once asked how I manage to stay happy despite being hurt and betrayed by people that I loved. I wished I have thought of a more clever answer, but I could only think of one thing that time – one vow I made with myself : “Simply delete enemies out of your life and place them back on the stranger’s zone”.

With that, I don’t have to harbor grudges, I just simply kept a distance and not care about anything they have to say.  I don’t talk to strangers, I don’t listen to them. I don’t share with them my  joys nor my miseries. I just simply treated them the way they are in my life  – strangers. 

Its safer that way. In fact  I find it really helpful.  Don’t collect enemies. Toss them out to the wind. Don’t tie a rope in your feet. It will only weigh you down. Keep moving and embrace only those people you care about. Life should be spent just like the way you listen to your favorite music –  focus on that groovy rhythm and fade those noises out in oblivion.



Paramore Live in Manila

I was never really a fan and buying tickets was a last minute decision. But Im glad I did.

This is one of the best crowd I have ever seen, the spirit of all these youth are interesting and watching Paramore perform live is just unbelievable. Hayley knows how to command the crowd and make us feel special. I listen to their music and I find it amazing that their songs are empowering.  And somehow, I felt her sincerity when she gave thanks to their fans that according to her  “changed their lives”.  Its good to see them back after about 2 years of hiatus and losing a couple of the original guys from the band. Its nice to see such an inspiring band come back and I left the concert as a new fan.


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