A week that is sure filled with moments.

Looking forward for a week of love, chocolates and traffic

So it just dawned on me that 3 days from now, it will be February 14. My Facebook feeds by then, will be full of cheesy quotes, couple pictures, gifts for each other that are flaunted for the entire world to see, and countless images of what they eat and drink during that day. I wont (and I cant) say my Facebook feeds will be free from any of that I mentioned above, but I can safely say that amidst all the noise and vanity of this season, we will chose to live for the moment. No gifts, nor expensive dinner, nor cheesy lines can ever surpassed the joy of just being in that moment – all smiles and full of love. And thats all that really matters, believe me.


Published by

Jona Alday

A corporate slave who finds joy in motivating and leading people but ultimately yearns for weekends and plotted vacation leaves. An Engineering graduate who HATES Math. An acrophobic who conquers mountains. A lover of sleepy towns, dawn, poetry, pancit canton and cats.

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