LOVE DESSERTS : Unlimited sweets for just P199. Brace yourself for some major sugar rush.

Warning : Really really bad for weight conscious.

Ive been wanting to go to this restaurant for some time now. I’ve read several blogs raving about this place but I wasn’t able to really go because of 2 reasons.

1. I’ve never been to Banawe St in QC and Im bad with directions.

2. I prefer my desserts in moderation.

But since I’ve been eating alot of fried chicken and chinese food lately, I felt the need of my tastebuds for something less salty and more dramatic – thus the sudden craving for some sugar overload.

My boyfriend, who spoils me to death and who is luckily an expert in Google maps took me there this fine Sunday evening. We found this rather small but homey place which is unexpectedly full at 7PM. I never really know how popular this place is until I noticed that the tables are never empty. Infact,  people will wait outside for their turn. We waited for about 15mins before a table was set for us. IMG_0018_0 Customers are only allowed to stay for a maximum of 2 hours. Make sense, since the place could only fit about 20 people and you’ll never really need more than 2 hours until the sugar gets in your head and kick you out. They have all sorts of cakes, cookies, creme puffs, leche flan, sylvannas, salads and more (I dont know most of the name because they all look alike to me. Hah!). Here are some of the pictures I took while i wait for my crepes. Yes, they have crepes, which was one of the things that amazed me. I remember buying crepe for around 150pesos. This time, I can have as much I want. And their crepes are pretty awesome, especially when top with your favorite ice cream (Yes! Unlimited SUGAR-FREE icecreams).

Crepe fillings : Banana, Blueberries, Strawberry, Mangoes and Peaches. You have to ask their crew to prepare it for you. Do me a favor, please top it with vanilla icecream and chocolate syrup. I dont know what these are. Some fruits in jellies molded in shot glasses. I didnt enjoy it though, because of the lychee and how lychee makes me nauseated. But my boyfriend said he likes it. They have halo-halo which you have to make yourself, unlimited ice tea and milk tea (milk tea was nothing fancy), unlimited coffee (yes! but i didn’t try it though)  and Big Scoop icecreams. What I think is very clever and considerate – is the added selection on their buffet : Green mangoes, bagoong (fish paste), spicy cheese sticks, singkamas (turnips) and nacho salad.  Pantanggal umay!  Exactly what my tongue needs since Ive eaten too much blackforest cake and Im getting really dizzy. And unexpectedly, they all taste so good! We were all done after going back about 5 times, mostly with cheese sticks on our plate more than anything else. A staff will put a little note on your table stating what time you came in and what time you are supposed to get out. They are all courteous and very helpful. PhotoGrid_1362938140266 There are quirky boards placed all over the area with pictures and notes. I didnt left any but someone I know did. 20130310_194157 All in all, this is  a great place to eat, talk and spend your P199. Will I come back? Yes. But not until after a couple months, since Ive had enough sugar in my blood to last that long. Infact, Im feelin all giddy and jumpy, we should probably start running under the rain outside. PhotoGrid_1362928580027_0 Love Desserts 915 Banawe St Cor G Roxas Ave. Manresa Quezon City

Beside Bruno’s Barber Shop and Near Starbucks Banawe

*Photos from mobile phone.

Life is sweet. 🙂

Updated as of May 2016:

They have a new branch in Fairview. Please see map below on how to reach this sweets haven:

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO
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