Yexel’s Toy Museum: Let’s all be kids for a day,shall we?

I’m really bad at keeping surprises. But I was able to do so when I took my boyfriend for a tour to this toy museum last Sunday. I almost spilled it, but I didnt. For all he knew, I’m taking him to go shopping.  And the look on his face when he saw the toy collection was priceless. He was suspicious though, when I ask him to bring his camera.

This museum was suggested by a dear friend (Gen C.) and Im glad she did. Its a 4 storey house full of toys and lifesize replicas located in Pilar Village, Las Pinas, owned by Yexel Sebastian. This is his personal collection and its great that he was able to share this with us. If you are a toy enthusiast, who watches alot of anime, or obsessed with action figures, then I would recommend that you come here and see his extensive collection for yourself.  Entrance fee is P300 per head (same price for kids and adults). Pricey? Yes. But then again, its not everyday that somebody will open his doors and lets you see his personal collection of toys, and definitely not this huge.  His personal story on how he started his collection is admirable too. “It all started with a toy from a kiddie meal”, he once said.


You will be welcomed by a lifesize replica of Superman, the Simpsons and The Chipmunks upon entrance – they made mostly all of the lifesize figures in this museum themselves. I was informed they make these for sale too.

And then, the tour starts with numerous , miniature figures from Hunter X Hunter to Spongebob.  Its endless.

Disclaimer : PHOTO DUMP ahead. (Im too sleepy to explain. zzzzz)

Life size Naruto and Son Goku! Look how timely that I wore Orange too. Argh!

I prefer Gundam Heavy Arms. 

Marvel Heroes and Villains.

My boyfriend’s personal favorite : Aliens Vs Predators. Yes, this is the part of the museum where we spent a lot of time.  He is having an Out of the Body experience – seriously.


Our very kind and helpful guide / taga-picture , Jonard.

For the finale, nothing really special. Really, its just a massive replica of Optimus Prime out of metal which they assembled themselves.  Made my jaw dropped for about 3 seconds.

Yexel’s Toy Museum

52 Sampaguita Road, Pilar Village, 1740 Las Piñas

Facebook :

Open Saturdays and Sundays, 10am to 8pm

Entrance Fee : 300 per head


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