Single now? I say wait and grab this checklist.

Back when the only consolation I can give to myself is that undying hope of meeting an absolutely awesome man, I wrote this in a piece of tissue paper and said a little prayer. Today, 3 years after, I stumble upon this and let out a sigh of victory. Oh boy was he worth the wait!

“Find a man who kisses you and wrinkle your nose when youre upset, who holds your hand when youre scared of the movies, who brings you flowers and waits for you so he can walk you home, who takes you to meet his parents and brings you along while he eats pizza with his friends.

Find some one who tells you you’re beautiful during bad hair days or even when you’re just wearing rugged sneakers, who kisses you when no one is looking and then kiss you more when there is.  A man who can bring you to drink wine or walk in the rain, a man who holds your hand when he drives or sits patiently beside you on a bus. A man who is willing to look stupid just so he can see a smile on your tired face. Someone who can never live without you but will not let you know. Someone who, in face of deep frustration, will hold himself back and embrace you until his rage disappear. He who will find time to let you know he loves you just the same, beyond your moods, beyond your imperfections, your oily face, beyond any supernatural fluke or any faith you both knew. A man who will not fear any destruction, instead will walk with you in the ruins. Find someone who reminds you of sunrise, the rush of cold water when you dance in the rain, your favorite song, a hot coffee with all its aroma, the scent of musk and lilies and everything that is just right to the senses; who reminds you of your childhood memories, of home.

Someone who is wise enough not to promise you forever, but can look straight into your eyes and tell you he can barely breath when you’re away. If you haven’t find him yet, keep hoping. A man like him will always be worth the wait.”


Published by

Jona Alday

A corporate slave who finds joy in motivating and leading people but ultimately yearns for weekends and plotted vacation leaves. An Engineering graduate who HATES Math. An acrophobic who conquers mountains. A lover of sleepy towns, dawn, poetry, pancit canton and cats.

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