The beauty of Cagbalete Island in a snapshot.

As for me, I will never get tired of simply watching, waiting, hopeful – for the beauty that is yet to unfold.

Testing part 2

The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.

(Cagbalete blog post soon. I just need to catch up on my urban life. )

With sunsets and kisses,



To all my traveling friends, please take time to read this.

” I think the 21st centuries advances in technology in regards to travel have done great things, but have also severely disconnected us from what travel is all about” – Ashley Crowther from

I am guilty as I write this too. In the past, whenever I arrive in a local travel destination, what I would do the first thing is to get my phone and try to look for a strong 3G or HSDPA connection – just so I can check in to Facebook, post something in Instagram and tell my friends that Im happily soaking under the sun. In the past, I would book a hotel because it has Wifi, hot shower or a videoke bar. I would spent a great time taking pictures of absolutely everything for the mere purpose of having something to post in Facebook/Instagram – a great cover photo, a potential cute profile pic or something I can tag under #travel in IG. In doing so, it has indeed disconnected me from what travel is all about.

There were even times that I would spend my time sitting with my phone in hand, busy replying and chatting with friends from social network, ignoring a beautiful sunset or a cheerful local offering fresh fish for dinner.

Sometimes, I would be so into being active in the social networking world that I lose the true purpose of travelling – self discovery. Its only now that I completely realized how futile travelling became when our only purpose why we do it is for the sake of lookingcool“.

Ironically, some travelers I know will complain about how a specific island has become “overly developed”, but they are the same travelers who, can never live without their precious iPhones and coffee lattes. They are the same ones who complain when the WiFi has poor signal, when their hotel blankets are too thin or when the resort menu is too limited for their preferences. They are the same ones who complain that the resort is too old, the locals too confusing and the mobile signal is a crap. They didnt realized that the reason why an island has been “overly developed” is because of travelers like them. Resort owners will then spend money developing an island exactly what they wanted – modern.

Now, Im not saying that technology has extremely ruined the exact purpose of travelling. Back in the 60’s, the first travelers were hippies searching for enlightenment or a greater purpose in life, they found many areas of the world that had been forgotten or simply not discovered. And it was also technology who able them to share this discoveries to the world. I wont be able to go to places that Ive been if not without the power or internet and blogging. I continually search for places that I want to go with the help of the travelers who have been there before and shared what they discovered.

My plea is simple. When you go out there, go and have GENUINE FUN. Find yourself as you get lost between tall trees or crashing waves. Be a traveler and not just a tourist. Share these moments with loved ones and friends. Take pictures because you want to share your experience, make time stand still and exhibit the beauty of the place. Thank the resort owners who, amidst the demand of growing tourism, is working real hard to preserve the beauty of our environment. Be kind to the locals. And please DO NOT overly exposed starfishes without water just because you want to take pictures of them in your hands.

take nothing but pictures

Disappointments, failures, betrayal and some other sweet stuff.


I have about 10 more minutes to come up with a blog post because :
1. I have something in mind that I need to put in words.
2. I have to sleep.

But here I am, staring at the blinking cursor, arguing with myself If I really need to do this.
Honestly, I prepared a 322-words blog post intricately discussing what I feel at this moment. 322 words of displeasure, rage, madness. Acid fury. Words that will probably make me wince once I read it back months from now. Words not really intended for anyone, which then makes it even more hateful because I have no one to blame. You see, sometimes, its good to blame something. You blame the weather, traffic, the noisy kid in the background, the food poorly prepared. You blame something because you dont want to blame yourself for something you have no control over. You blame an inanimate senseless something because it makes you free. It makes you powerful. It makes you feel that you have a choice.
And today, I dont have anything or anyone to blame.

No, its not another heartache (I’ll be damned if it is). And surely, its not my ugly dogs dying (I love them). Its something about work  the choices I made in my life (woah!).

I googled (so Googled is a verb now?) the word FURY and was given several meanings and antonyms.

Antonyms: balance, calmness, saneness

Life is such an amazing juxtaposition. It will make you realize that what you really need is something exactly the opposite of what you really feel. Maybe I have too much fury the past days that It consumed me. Maybe all I really need is to be calm.  If I publish that 322 words, will it benefit me? Will it make me proud of myself? Will it make me remember how my life is well spent 40 years from now?  NO.

So I’d stick with the good ones. The positive ones. Those storm-less skies.


I watched a video of talking twins. I wanted twins in the future. I wanted them to have that psycho-mystical-extrasensory-perception shit ( I dont know what Im talking about) that twins allegedly have. That ability to communicate through their minds.

“Lets sneak upstairs and play video games”

“Cant, brother. Mom has the XBOX.”


That 322-words blog post expeditiously went straight to the recycle bin.

Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail

Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

When someone ask me a question like this, its either I would flip out and start blabbering my answers or I would stare long into my inquisitor’s face – lost, confused and mouth open.

Most of the time, its the latter part.

If its guaranteed that Im not going to fail, I have 7 things in mind today that I would like to attempt. (Please feel free to stop reading if things starts to get too ridiculous.)

1. Sing in a band.

2. Write a book.

3. Get Married.

4, Color my hair purple (this is an auto-fail but I’d like to keep this on my list)

5. Get some Scuba Diving License.

6. Teach.

7. Throw my phone, destroy my laptop. Quit my job and go to a far-away place with no modern structure obscuring my view of the sky. Build a home by the beach – with white fence and sunflowers.  Grow an organic garden in the backyard. Have silent walks along the shore, picking shells and odd-shaped rocks or have occasional chats with local fisherman. Strung a hammock and sit there all day with a good book in hand, forgetting time and space.

The last part is the killer : “Tell us why you haven’t tried it yet”. 

That, my friend, needs alot of soul-searching,

Food Find: SLICE – Bonifacio High Street


“Table for two.”

The place is jam-packed. We were given a table right away which is fortunately located in a quiet corner on the inner part of the restaurant. The place is warm, homey – nothing really fancy (well, except the price).

SLICE is located in G/F Southeast Block of Bonifacio High Street (right beside Jamba Juice).


Quirky Menu outside + Actual Menu
Quirky Menu outside + Actual Menu

Here’s what we ordered: 

Pasta Aglio Olio - P420 Roast Chicken Melt - P390
Pasta Aglio Olio – P420
Roast Chicken Melt – P390
Raving Raspberry - P100 Kalemonade - P100
Raving Raspberry – P100
Kalemonade – P100
Choco Yema Cupcake - P80
Choco Yema Cupcake – P80

US looking all tired and hungry. This is the most decent picture we can take of each other. (My boyfriend doesn’t like pictures and I kinda hate him for it. LOL. And why does he always have to wear that bag?!)

Us after a tiring day.

Verdict : 

I love the seafood pasta. I cant finish my roast chicken. Juice is nothing special. Cupcake is the only thing I would come back to, though it didn’t  fully satisfied my craving for an extremely awesome dessert.

Note to self : I will refrain from ordering anything that has chicken + cheese for a while.


* Photos from phone.