Why Anawangin Cove broke my heart.

Fact 1: Anawangin Cove is not some egocentric, douche-bag that I fell inlove with. Infact, if it will be a man, he will be perfect. Warm, romantic, simple, laid back but very very intriguing.  But it broke my heart just the same. Why? You’ll find out.


“Is that it?” I shouted to our bangkero/tourguide. He just nodded. I just sat there, on that tiny boat, squinting my eyes, inhaling the salty air, mouth agape and dumbstruck. Magnificent is the first adjective that came out of my mind. Somehow, “beautiful” is not enough.

Anawangin is just one of the many beautiful coves in the province of Zambales. I cant describe it with accuracy so here’s what Wikipedia has to say.

Anawangin Cove: It is a crescent shaped cove with a pristine white sand beach. What makes the place unique is the unusual riddle of tall pine trees flourishing round its vicinity. There are no roads leading to Anawangin. It is only accessible by a 30 minute boat ride from Pundaquit, San Antonio, or by a six-hour trek through hot, open trails thru the Pundaquit range. The cove’s relative isolation has kept it free from development – as of this writing, there are no resorts on this sparkling piece of natural beauty, save for a few huts and deep wells. Just behind the beach is the pine forest and a marsh, where one can find natural springs feeding to the sea. The area is home to a number of bird species

Anawangin Cove. You hav e to trek for about 30mins before being able to see this splendor,
Anawangin Cove. You have to trek for about 30mins to get this view.

I traveled with 3 of my best college buddies (Amfi, JC and Kuya Vice). We had a great time fixing our tents, cooking hotdogs and corned beef using firewood (starting the fire was the hardest), swimming and just laying on the sand at night and watching the stars.

Ready to swim and goof around with Amfi and JC
Our campsite.
Our campsite.

The next morning, we trekked for about 30 mins and end up astonished by the view. You cant help but to fully immersed yourself to the beauty of the entire place.  You cant just shy away, or ignore it.  At some point, I find myself breathless.


The other side of the cove is equally beautiful.

Before going back to the town proper, we visited another island they call Capones. White beach, pristine blue waters, huge waves.

Capones Island
Capones Island

Ultimately, it broke my heart simply because our love affair was short lived. Because he embraced me with arms that’s too weak to keep me close for too long. Because when I went away, he let go of me with no sign of holding back. The cove just stood there, ever proud, with mammoth sentinel rocks. The cove broke my heart because I feel like coming back to him several times, but he kept his distance. And I stay here with a frenzied anticipation of seeing him once again. Someday. Maybe this year. That vicious long distance kind of affair.

Fact #2 : Right after I came back from Anawangin, I found out I was being lied to by my boyfriend then.  I broke up with him. I cried for about 5mins (haha), I nursed a broken heart. Wrote angry poems of despair. Moved on. Looking back, I now understand that I made some of the great decisions in my life that time — visiting that cove and moving on. Both includes alot of wading through angry waters, while looking out in the sun.



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