How to get to Moon Garden Tagaytay (Directions, Rates and Photo Dump)

Moon Garden Tagaytay (also known as Lily Pond) is around 2-3 hours drive from Manila. Located in SVD road, along the highway going to Picnic Grove. SVD road is right infront of the newly constructed Starbucks near Estancia Resort.

Moon Garden

SVD Rd  Tagaytay City 4120

Contact Person is Bhong at 0939 913 9097

Moon Garden Map

If you are driving a car: 

– It is best to take SLEX and head for Sta Rosa Exit. Follow the road going to Tagaytay.

– Turn right at the end of Sta.Rosa – Tagaytay Road. This is the road going to Olivares  (or Tagaytay Crossing). Drive straight. You should pass by Country Suites. As you approached Country Suites, take your time and search for a narrow road on your right with a small sign that says “SVD Road”.

– Drive to SVD Road and about 2 minutes, you should see a sign that says Lily Pond.

– Enter that graveled road and on your left should be the garden’s driveway.  Note : There is no actual front desk at the resort. You have to park your car and climb the stairs toward the pond area. Usually, Bhong or any of the resort personnel will approach you, confirm your booking and escort you to your room.

If you are commuting:

–  You can either take a bus from Pasay or Alabang that is headed to Tagaytay or Nasugbu Batangas. There are also several public vans from Alabang Terminal. If you opted for the public vans – tell them to drop you off infront of Estancia Resort or SVD Road. If they don’t know either, tell them to drop you off at Olivares Crossing or infront of Mang Inasal. Either way, this is the last stop of the van so you wont get lost. If you took the bus – alight at Olivares Crossing.

– Wherever you get off, the best mode of transportation in Tagaytay is the tricycle. Get one and ask them to take you to Moon Garden or Lily Pond in SVD Road.

Note: An overnight stay for two is P2999 which includes free breakfast. They dont require any downpayment as long as you confirm your reservation and text them.  Bhong and everybody else in the resort is very helpful so they would be able to answer any of your inquiries. 

Why Moon Garden?  (this is not a paid review! I hope it is and I’d rather be paid for unlimited overnight stay. La la la la.)

The fame of this place didn’t actually come from any advertisements. If is from words of mouth and sincere praises from people who have experienced the place.  Why Moon Garden? Its more of Why Not, I guess.

why1* Rooms has no aircondition and the bathroom is separated from the bed only by curtains. Not for the faint of heart.

Other reasons why:

Quirky Unexpected Things
A hut perfect for some quiet time.
The common pavilion where you can sit down, talk or drink coffee.
Books and Magazines every where.
Vintage and Antique vibe.
What appears to be giant dandelions to me. Haha.
Abundance of Flowers and Plants.
Koi Pond.
Lilies in full bloom during early mornings
Other secret little places where you can sit and daydream.
And other beautiful things in between.

Isn’t this place quite special? 🙂

Read thru our Moon Garden experience on this separate blog post. Enjoy!

Moon Garden Facebook Page here.

Higher res photos in my Flickr account. Feel free to use the pictures but kindly reference this site. Thanks.


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    1. No. Not at all. Surprisingly (even if they are oftentimes fullybooked), they are very quick to respond to any of your inquiries. Just text them. 🙂 Thank you for dropping by dear 🙂

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