Moon Garden Tagaytay Experience (with friendship, tears and daydreaming in between)

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
– Anaïs Nin

Sometime ago, three women who love books and are mad about coffee decided to take some time off from their busy lives and wander around Tagaytay with their backpacks and flourishing wings. They wanted to just ran away from the poison of the city. One just basically want to eat (Ha!).
With Google map, a tight budget, notebooks in hand and little bit of luck and charm – they created one memorable weekend full of beautiful things and heavenly food.

Where we stay : Moon Garden (also known as Lily Pond), Tagaytay
This is my silent sanctuary. I originally wanted to keep this place a secret when I first came here a year ago. But anything of beauty is always meant to be shared. I will create a separate post on how to go there and other details.

We arrived at Moon Garden around 1PM. We settled our things, took a little tour of the place before heading outside. Moon Garden is almost magical – well atleast for me and for these 3 ladies who experienced its subtle beauty. Quaint, serene,vintage, quirky – 4 of my favorite words brandished all over the place.

I feel a little weepy now as I write this. My Moon Garden experiences are always memorable ones. Turning points. A lottery win. An extra coin when I badly needed it. Just.. priceless. 

And these are the reasons why I keep coming back:

More photo dump and details about Moon Garden here.

Enough with my obsession.

After wandering around the place, we headed to Ilog Maria Bee Farm –  first on our itinerary. They are famous for yes, their bee farm and organic products. Check their website for map and tour schedules.


Ilog maria combine

Ilog Maria offers organic products promoting both wellness and healing.  Their 100% Organic Bar Soaps are heavenly. I got myself a Spearmint Soap, Bee Propolis & Cider Liniment and their Bee Pollen Natural Vitamins.



There is a small river running right beside the bee farm, guest are allowed to take a tour but are not allowed to swim. Probably because they don’t want it to be contaminated as it is their main source of  hydrating the farm.


Since I said a while ago that we literally are coffee freaks, we decided to visit the newly constructed Starbucks right along SVD Road with an amazing view of Taal Volcano. Here, we took more photos and shared more stories over coffee – something that is therapeutic to us three.


One of the many things we have in common is that we are obsess with pictures. One of us is  basically an expert in posing for the camera  (hah Joyce!) and the two of us is either awkward or weird.  Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun. The place was suddenly filled with our uninhibited laughter as we talked about men, relationship and wedding videos. We sorta cried too which is crazy.


The night came and we started our hunt for the much-craved Bulalo (a Filipino beef dish made by cooking beef shanks and marrow bones until the collagen and fat has melted into the clear broth.)  – Thanks Wikipedia!

We headed to Leslie’s Bulalohan, I’ve been here several times before but we are too tired and hungry to look further. Their Bulalo is indeed delicious but is a bit pricier. If you are not in a hurry, you may want to visit other Bulalohan along Mahogany Market or a far bit off Olivares.


After dinner, we came back to our room and back to the ever inviting bed. But before we sleep, we had what appears to be one of the highlights of this new found friendship – sharing the stories of our lives. With cold beers in had – we cried, laughed and speak words from our hearts. Right at this moment, I realized we all need friends like these.


After only about 5 hours of sleep, we are awoken by the beautiful morning visible through our massive window. This kind of morning inspired most of my writings. And it never fails  to bring back good old memories of me soaking in this warm light. Right in this same room.


Breakfast is served on the small hut surrounded by water lilies. The peaceful morning + Coffee + Turnip Juice + Longganisa+ Adobo Flakes + Fried Fish = US feeling like millionaires.


After breakfast, we dressed and took more pictures before heading out to eat yet again. Warning : Vain pictures coming up. I need not explain as why we do this.

We skipped most of our itineraries because we decided to experience more of this place.  Around noon, we went out to have lunch at Bag of Beans.



Bag of Beans has pricey food but you are definitely getting what you paid for. I’m telling you now that their Roast Beef and Blueberry Cheesecake is oh-my-god kinda thing. If you’re going to Tagaytay for a foodie weekend, do not miss going to Bag of Beans. YOU MUST! (in my Yoda voice).

The rain suddenly started pouring so hard as we get back to Moon Garden to get our bags and bid farewell. A dramatic way to end the weekend. As if the heaven is mourning for us as our journey comes to an end.  I searched for any sign of loneliness in my heart as we quickly summon our bags and leave Moon Garden. I found none. Why should I when I know this is only the start. Okey, Im a bit lonely because Im all wet and Im carrying 3 heavy ripe pineapples but Im not lonely because this magical weekend has come to an end. Infact I am happy.  “The beauty of the world is yours for the taking” – this is what we always say to each other. And this weekend we took it, owned it and carried some of it back to Manila.

A weekend well spent with these crazies!


Joyce – who’s zest for life is infectious. Who brightens up every room she’s in and inspires alot of people more than she will ever know. Continue to be the “star” of our lives because that’s what you are and what you will always be. Thank you for some great posing lessons but I will leave the FHM sorts to you. Cheers to more books, travel and writing!


Dredd – you are awesome in every way. Do not ever let the problems of the world deviates you from that truth. I am moved by your life and the way you are living it. Thank you for sharing it to us. And please tell us your secret of never growing old and your “poreless skin”. Stay as beautiful as you are  and you should name your blog “my poreless sky”. #justsayin

Check  Joyce and Dredd‘s blogs and see what I mean.

“The beauty of the world is yours for the taking”.  Take as many as you could while you can. 🙂



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    My friends, I would be so glad if you’ll take time and visit this wonderful entry of my friend Jonabelle (nah, she’s Jonalyn but I would like to call her that way, lol). Her photos are lovelier than mine… 🙂

    Jonabelle, thank you for seeing me as an inspiration, you are one too! I laughed out loud when I read about the pineapple thingy. Dredd, what can I say about the “my poreless sky”???

    I love you two, now how do I leave? Argh, you are giving me a hard time!

  2. Hi!
    I’m Vince and my friends went to Moon Garden last week. We spent 3days and 2 nights in that place.
    Thank you for making this blog, I have found it very useful especially going to that place.

    You are right, this place was meant to be a secret sanctuary. We also made a friend, one of the grey tortoisehell tabby cat 🙂


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