My Horizon.


I want to see the world.

Pursue the Fates.

Provoke the Furies.

Learn the secrets of the universe.

Touch the horizon.

Listen to the  crashing waves.

Fly with eagles.

Enfold the galaxies.

Hold your hands.

Harness your fears.

Fill your memories, of me.

Catch the last light in your eyes as I finally go.

* Lyrics on the photo above is from the very talented Tom Odell‘s Grow Old With Me (his music is just MIND-BLOWING. Download his songs and thank me later.).  Boracay Blog Post is on the works, bear with me as my computer is acting up again.  Happy Weekend! 🙂


Versatility Award.

A nomination? Really? I have no idea how these things work, but since this is my first ever “nomination” (I feel like Lady Gaga) I wanted to participate. Also, I was nominated by one of my favorite blogger ever (because he is very funny in a subtle way and I am extremely envious of his  vegetable garden.) — MM.  Check his site and be amaze on his photography, his thoughts, his travel and the garden he started growing somewhere in the beautiful Ireland.


Now, I was informed I also needed to nominate 15 other bloggers and put up 7 interesting facts about myself. Let’s start with the 7 “interesting” facts. Note : I dont think they are interesting so you can skip this and go right to the bottom of the page.

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Crafting + Doodling + Lettering

I’ve been MIA (Missing In Action) for roughly about 2 weeks and I am absolutely embarrassed that I left you, my dear readers, with a blog post about breast. Forgive me. You have no idea what I’ve been thru the past days so don’t judge me.

My beloved country was ravaged by a super typhoon last week. Our house was not spared. Floodwater came in real fast. We are still thankful that we end up snuggled upstairs until the water receded because we know that there are far more unfortunate people than us. I am thankful that the sun is shining again. Also, my laptop decided to nurture and breed Worms in large numbers until such time it became so infested I cant even open a browser. Somebody has to de-worm it for free (Thanks Kirby!).

Thus the reason for my MIA. Thank you for still visiting this blog.

Meanwhile, I wanna share with you some of the things that I love doing during my spare time. (Spare time for me means nights with no internet, mornings with busted laptop and long wait in the restaurants.) Crafting, doodling, lettering, practicing my lazy handwriting and eating (sorry no picture for that). I wish to share more here. I dare you to try creating things too. Believe me, a pen and a paper is a better way to kill time than Candy Crush or Temple Run. But if you’re too lazy to draw, cut, color or write — you can always read a book. HAHAHA. I’m such a corny, mawkish creature I cant believe I still have friends.

Again, thank you for still checking on this blog. It means a lot.

Coffee makes women’s breast smaller : TRUE OR FALSE?

untitled I KNOW.  I just have to let you dwell on that for a bit — waiting until that catastrophic “NO” slowly escapes from your lips.

Making a mental computation – I realized that with my daily consumption of coffee plus my “current state” in the bra size department, I could probably start wearing men’s muscle shirts by the time I reached 40. And people will never notice the difference. What a life.

See more coffee facts from : ILOVECOFEE.JP

Not convinced?  (or just plainly In denial)? Our friends in Sweden made a study about it. See the article here.

Coffee anyone?


Oh hello there, my grammar police.



I seldom use spell checkers nor consult a Linguist whenever I write a post. I am certain that my fingers are dyslexic and my brain always crash after 2 hours of non-stop thinking/internet surfing (make it 4 hours if I had coffee). I also hold myself accountable for whatever opinion I have. So it makes me extra happy to find someone who will read my long boring post, afterwards leaves a comment trolling me about my spelling, about how my subject and verb doesn’t “agree”, about my grammar and about my opinion. And she doesn’t even have the humor to leave her real name.

There is a big difference about criticism and bullying. Being trolled and bullied in grade school, I am quite certain I know the odds. (I’m sure using the word “trolling” will infuriate a grammar police/spell checker like you because it’s not even in the dictionary- yet. But let me reference Urban Dictionary just so you won’t hate me so much.)

And just so it’s official: my writing is never spot-on and yes, I seldom give a damn if my subject and verb doesn’t agree or If my opinion is way out of line for you. I’m pretty sure I made this blog for myself, not for anyone. Knowing that people even read my nonsense is already a blessing to me, but an anonymous person who will read my blog and tell me I write ridiculously? OH MY! I’m feeling luxurious! Unless It’s you, mom! (I am aware I only have two readers, my mom and my little sister. So if it’s either of you, we need to talk.)

I’d rather pour my heart out in here and drown you all with boredom than pretend to be someone I’m not. I have so many beautiful things to write about the world and it will take a lot for me stop. I believe that the content and the heart of a post is far more important than how it’s grammatically/politically correct. Thank you for being so hateful. I promise to make more mistakes so you’ll have a hard time. If you will be sending me messages, comments or emails, please leave your real name and address. I would like to send you something called “life”.

Never let anybody steal your sunshine! 🙂