“He who does not travel, who does not read,
who does not listen to music,
who does not find grace in himself,
she who does not find grace in herself,
dies slowly.”
– Pablo Neruda


Coffee Origins 2013

Coffee Origins 2013 -Event Logo-09.18.13

The Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI) has been arranging this event for over 10 years now and this is known to be the biggest coffee celebration in the country. Coffee Origins 2013 will run from October 10-22, 2013.

“Everyday, free coffee will be given away to thousands of mall-goers, coffee enthusiasts as they savor and experience brews from all over the archipelago.

October 19 is a date to mark for Coffee 101 seminars at Enderun in Taguig City, and October 23 is the 6th National Coffee Summit at the Landbank Plaza, Malate, Manila.” –

So if your are planning professionally to venture into the coffee industry or just simply coffee lovers, this event is a must see.

For updates, you can check PCBI website at

See you there. 🙂

The Past 10 Days.

I’ve been dreading to face my laptop and open up WordPress, but this rainy dawn has a subtle way of telling me to do it.  It was raining really hard for days now, I hope it will stop soon.

The past 10 days are barely documented, as I stay afloat in all the craziness at work – I became what I call “Zombified”. I purposely stop opening this blog for fear of a.) Writing too much or b.) Writing nothing.  The chaos at work suck the life out of me, that whenever I came home, I just wanna do something that doesn’t require too much thinking (yes, like eating). However, my problematic  hectic job made me appreciate my weekends more. And when its the weekend – I blossomed.

So here’s my Past 10 Days looks like. Yes, most of them happened when I don’t have to come to work.

Geez, I hope you are all doing better than me. But Im still thankful — not all days are bad.

10 days

National Pinoy Handicraft Fair x Video Editing at work Constant dreaming of the sea

Flowers out of dried leaves and corn husk Indie Films Marathon DRose Tour in Manila

Da Vinci Gallery at the Mind Museum x Birthday Celebration my Number One x Facing some of my fears

P. S

Happy Birthday Kirby. You are my remedy. 


These times I think about other people’s pain. How each pain is unique.
How each pain stabs us in different points and angle.
How it impale us so uniquely that every deathly blow seems more hurting and foreign than the first.
Each pain is different in ways we will never understand.
No scars are ever alike.


A campsite by the river.

When I recall my childhood, the most I can remember revolves around my endless summer days in the place I was born.  My grandparents own a house surrounded by tall mango trees, sugar canes and fruitful pomelo trees. I will spend my summer mornings basking in the sun, eating fruits and digging ants’ nest in the hope to capture their queen.  The highlight of all my summer days is the highly anticipated trip to the river in the afternoon- which is about 20 minutes trek along muddy path and moist foliage.  That river is the best part of my childhood.

3 days ago, I went on a retreat camp nestled right beside the same river that charmed me. The nostalgia is overwhelming – I felt as though I was being punched right in the face.

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