Tonight, Leonardo Da Vinci Gave Me 8 Important Lessons in Life.

1. Stop complaining, make the best of what you have.

Da Vinci Gallery 1

Leonardo, who is born out of wedlock, was prohibited to get formal education. His name “Leonardo Da Vinci” meant Leonardo of Vinci (“Vinci” is the name of the small town where he was born). Thus, for a small child , he was pretty much deprived of the few things a child is entitled to – a surname and an education.

Yet, he was regarded as the most diversely intelligent person ever to have lived. How did he do that? Well for starters, He pretty much made the best out of what he have. He did not moped around and cried miserably whenever he feels he lacks something. Instead, he prospered with what little he was given.

2. Dare to know everything.

Da Vinci’s childhood is poorly documented. Infact, in his later writings, he only recorded two childhood incident : first was a dream and the second was a memory that occured while exploring the mountains. He discovered a cave and he was so overcome with insatiable curiosity of what was inside the cave (and what monsters maybe lurking inside). From then on, he never stop asking whys and hows.

Da Vinci Gallery 2

3. We all start as an Apprentice – so suck it up and do what you gotta do.

Imagine this : your boss tells you he got a major painting project and being his overly eager assistant, you are somewhat allowed to help him by painting only the small rock on the very bottom of the canvass.

Now you have 2 choices – its either you finished the rock right away and surf the internet throughout the day OR do the best that you can to make that rock beautifully painted it will stand out?

Ofcourse we will all choose the first option. HAHA. But Leonardo is one hell of a crazy guy. That was what he did with his “major break”, The Baptism of Christ – he was asked to paint just the face of this little angel and he made is so flawlessly that his boss, awestruck, decided not to ever paint again (as the myth says).

See, your future depends on the small task and decisions you do today. Whatever it is, may it be great or small – accomplish them with all your heart.

Da Vinci Gallery 3

4. Step up and show them what you got.

Leonardo Da Vinci worked for a long time under the wing of  Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan. Da Vinci was an all around worker – an engineer, an architect, a play director, a props-man, costume designer, messenger, painter, war consultant and many more. He was never really somebody who is “in command”. But what struck me the most is that whenever He was asked by Ludovico on what he can do for him – he is always prepared with future plans, sketches, portfolio, designs etc. He has this attitude of “I-can-do-so-many-things, just-let-me.”

But ofcourse, that attitude should always be used in moderation. You dont want to over-commit and under-deliver right (sorry Grammar police. I might be using so many non-existing words here. Forgive me.)

Da Vinci Gallery 4

5. Oftentimes, its healthy to evaluate yourself and acknowledge your flaws

Da Vinci Gallery 5

Leonardo built a sorta walk in closet full of mirrors – which he said is where he goes to when he wants to see all the possible views of himself. He didnt do that because he was vain or because he wanted to take numerous #selfie #mirrorshot. He wanted to contemplate on how other people see him compared to what he see in himself. He wanted to see his flaws with his own eyes and accept it. Ironically, He left no definite image of himself (which ofcourse some of you would say its Mona Lisa but the historian says you might be wrong.)

6. Take your time.

He was expected to finish his famous “The Last Supper” within months, but it took him 3 years (1495 to 1498) to unveil it. He received numerous complaints about the delay, and  on one account, he admitted that he spent numerous hours watching and sketching people across the entire kingdom – in search for the perfect faces that will match the characters on the Last Supper. He also confessed that he has “been struggling to find the perfect villainous face for Judas, and that if he could not find a face corresponding with what he had in mind, he would use the features of the one who complained” (Wikipedia)

After 3 years – The Last Supper was a hit.

Da Vinci Gallery 6

7. Be all that you can be.

Leonardo Da Vinci is a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer — all that in 67 years of his existence. If Britain’s Got Talent is already franchised in 1500, he wont win. He will be too confused.

Belated Happy Birthday Kirby! Stay strong and a tough fighter, Tita Arlene! :)
BTW, Belated Happy Birthday Kirby!
Stay strong and a tough fighter, Tita Arlene! 🙂

8. Most of our greatest works are yet to be finished.



* Pictures are from my recent trip to the Mind Museum where “Da Vinci The Genius Gallery” can be seen. All artworks are duplicates and produced for public viewing.

* Entrance Fee is P250 for adults / P200 for kids

* Gallery is open from Sept 1 till Nov 30 2013.


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