Thank you, from the bottom of our ruined, yet enduring heart.

Its been a week since we first heard about the devastating aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda here in my beloved country. Its been a week since we first saw the heartbreaking images of every houses, every families , every children that were affected by the storm. And its been a week since help from all over the country and all over the world started pouring in.

It is only now that I was able to really understand the beauty of humanity.

To every Filipino  who suffered and still suffering, lost their families and prized possessions, who are doing all they can to survive as they wait for help, to those who keep smiling with a hopeful heart – we stand with you. The entire world is praying and helping and doing the best that we can to get that clean water and food delivered to you.  Hold on there, brothers and sisters. The storm will pass.

To every Filipino who joined and are still joining the relief efforts, for those who have been praying and sharing and inspiring each and every one, for those who help in every little ways that they can – I am overwhelmed with pride. I’ve never been more proud to be a Filipino. Yes, some will call us poor, our country is under-developed or hopeless. But they can never say that we give up so easily. Most of our fights are fought well.

And lastly, I would like to use this tiny blog of mine to thank each and every nations of the world who extended their help. The help that we are getting is overwhelming. The kind of help that you give not because of political or humanitarian responsibilities. I believe that the help that we get from across the world is simply because of kindness, of compassion, of love. The kind of help that you give because somehow, regardless of language, political differences, skin color, regardless of borders, of wars fought, of religion – you all look after us like a brother would do to his bruised little sister. Its all because of love and compassion. And for that, we will never forget. Thank you, from the bottom of our ruined, yet enduring heart.


Singing a song of hope and gratitude. (Photo: David Darg/RYOT News)

This week in Tacloban, Samar and Cebu, amidst the hunger and thirst, the chaos and confusion – we’ve seen the best of the Filipino people, their strength and their courage. I cant get it out of my head. We’ve seen people with every reason to despair, every right to be angry, instead finds ways to laugh, to love, to stand up, to move forward. A storm breaks wood and bone, brings hurt and heartbreak. In the end, the wind, the water, the horror it brings is not the end of the story. With aid and assistance, compassion and care, this place, these people… they will make it through. They already survived the worst. They’re about perhaps tired and traumatized, but they are not broken. Mabuhay Philippines! Thank you for all you’ve shown us. Thank you for showing us all how to live.

– Anderson Cooper, CNN

They still need your help. For more information on how to help, view my previous post here.

You can also check Huffington Post for  list of organizations that sends help to the Philippines.


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