Of Things and Thoughts (1)

(Random montage of my life so far. Sort of reviving my Happy List. Only this time, it doesnt necessarily have to be a list, nor “happy”.)


1. Attended a pirate themed birthday party wearing an “animal-print” dress.
Im not good in following directions.

2.  Flowers at home makes everything better.

3.  Art Fair Philippines 2014 is a testament of how Pinoy artists are world class.

4. I like it here. Under the canopy of trees.

5. I like it here even more – sipping some locally brewed coffee with the chilly 6AM morning breeze playfully tossing my hair. Somewhere.

6. Garden visits.

7. The uniqueness of Ranson Riggs and how his vintage photo collection makes my heart beat in a very odd way.


Baguio Daydream

Let me tell you a secret.

I have been dreaming of this city lately. Somewhere in my unconsciousness blooms a longing. A longing for a walk on an almost damp street, the chilly air, under the shade of trees, wearing sweaters and boots. You are probably right, I’m dreaming of a city in Europe. But hey, Baguio is not that bad. So I’ll dream of Baguio for now.

And dream of these:

soft light

Pine Trees

Cafe By The Ruins




Tamawan Village

Mines View(Mines View Park – where every #selfie looks good)

And my favorite anywhere in the world:


February is a busy month for Baguio. People flock the streets of this small city as they celebrate the Panagbenga (Flower Festival). I am planning to visit the place again, as soon as February ends. I prefer having those secret paths and alleys on my own. So for now, I’ll daydream.

Enjoy the rest of the Love month! 🙂