To all the Robins.


He jumped from the 22nd floor and landed head first,
hands clenched,
eyes closed,
wearing the only pajamas that reminded him of home.

His last call was a plea to a friend to come over and share a bottle of beer with him.
“Sorry I have something else planned tonight” was the friend’s only reply.

There was no letters, no final messages, no broken things.
Only unopened bottles and haunting silence.
No one really knew.

But we knew, aren’t we?

We count other people’s failures like freckles on their face.
Laugh at her deformed ears,
her weight,
their loneliness,
We mock her on the way she stutters and smiled at his defeat.
We stared like spectators from a glass cage,
whispered as if uttering a curse.
And you say, “how sad it is to live like you.”

“.. to live like you…”

Aren’t we all but damn murderers?


Punta De Fabian

So I just turned 27.

Scary? Hell yeah.

To celebrate this dreadful  awesome day, I decided to visit a place that will surely give me a peace of mind. I have been planning to come here but it was only now that I got the chance (I got the reservation at 50% off too!)

This is Punta De Fabian in Baras, Rizal. Punta De Fabian Facade

After getting lost (again), we arrived at around 1PM on a drizzly Sunday Afternoon. And as expected, we are the only people in the resort. Punta De Fabian is ideal for Team Building, family get together or some quiet time (but make sure you come here when its the “less busy season” like June- August) to really enjoy the place on your own.

There is really nothing much to do here but to swim, enjoy the breath taking view of Laguna Bay and sip coffee by the balcony. If this is not your thing – I suggest you consider another place. It is also abit expensive so I don’t suggest you come here if this is not your cup of tea. I got the reservation for 50% less so WHY NOT? I personally enjoyed my stay. I am obsessed with the view – the owners must be really lucky to get this property. I also didn’t know until recently that Rizal Province is such a gem.


The place is complete with modern amenities, 24-hour security, their own restaurant (closes at 7PM), videoke (really), and unlimited brewed coffee in the morning. We got complimentary breakfast for our reservation.

Directions: The place is less than a 2-hour drive from Manila going to Baras, Rizal. If you are commuting – take a Tanay bound van from Starmall (infront of Megamall) then tell the driver to drop you off at Punta De Fabian, Baras. Fare is P70. 

For reservations, visit their website. complimentary berakfast

As far as I can remember – its always raining during my birthday.  A bit ironic considering my blog name. But hey, storm is inevitable but you can always bring your own sunshine.

Not raining yet so lets take some cheesy photographs of ourselves!

On the morning of my birthday, I created a list of 27 goals I would love to accomplish this year. That includes me blogging atleast once a week.  I am smirking now as I think of how Im going to suck in keeping up with this list. But I am going to give it a try! collagepdf7

Oh well, I wish I can say Im prepared for the future, but I’ m not (who is anyway?). And I wish I can atleast convince myself that I have plans – but that will be hypocritical. I have no plans and Im afraid. There. Felt better.

But what I have is hope and that is enough for now.

And I have short term goals (like 27 of them!), if that counts. 

August, welcome back! It is constantly raining now and storms will come soon enough. May we all start “learning to love whatever skies we are under”.