Exploring Sibuyan: The Clear Waters of Cantingas River

Hailed as one of the The Cleanest River in the Philippines, Cantingas River is such a sight to behold

The river whose headwaters comes from the mighty Mt Guiting Guting supplies almost 90% of the island’s electricity through a hydro electric power plant built along it. A powerful testimony as to how a small island can harness and benefit from renewable energy.


This river park is also one of the most famous tourist destination in the island. You can charter a tricycle from anywhere in the island to visit this area.

As soon as you enter the well maintained compound, you will pass through a paved road lined with trees and gorgeous canopy. Entrance fee is P10 per head. There is a resort near the entrance but I did not check for the rates. There are small stores selling junk food  and refreshments and a common wash area.


The river is relatively shallow along the edges but will abruptly drop to up to 20 feet in the middle. There is a 4-level diving platform that you can use to plunge into the cool and clear waters.



Tourists flock the area for a slow afternoon dip or for picnic. My advice is to spend one afternoon here and bring your own food.

My cousins and I trekked for about 15minutes to get to the hydro power plant, but unfortunately we were not allowed to enter the gated property. My cousins told me they once were allowed to enter the place and bragged about the picturesque view from the top of the reservoir.

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If you traverse back, you will see what appears to  be a “man-made waterfalls”, this is where the collected water from the powerplant flows back to the river. It is amazing how nature and technology can work wonders together.

The sun is almost setting when we went back to the tricycle that we chartered for the day. I did not jump from the diving deck though. Maybe next time. I wanted to keep the day as it is –  slow, chill and effortless.


Update: We went back here last April 2016 and there are ongoing constructions in the area. They said that the local community is building a diversion so some of the waters can flow through the nearby irrigation.


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