About Me

A corporate slave who ultimately yearns for weekends and plotted leaves.

A lover of sleepy towns, dawn, poetry, oceans, jungles, new languages and cats.

See you at Instagram: jonaeveryday




32 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Ateeee Jonaaaaaa!!! what a good read!! is it the food or the places you been to got my attention (i bet the food).. thanks for reminding me the one thing i love to do that i almost forgot.. that is.. eating.. este.. writing… i think its itme to go back to my old roots… of scrribles and ink blot… many thanks!!!!!

    1. Waaah! Nagsusulat ka rin pala Philip! You should go back. I bet the words will embrace you back with open arms. Join WordPress, lets follow each other, and travel and eat. I used yours and Mak’s pictures that I took in some of my post around here, I hope thats just Ok. Thank you for droppin by. See you and Mak in Cagbalete?

  2. Keep travelling! I learned that sharing your experiences is the same as reliving those precious moments. They’re just priceless and it would be a shame to keep them to yourself.

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Cheers

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