Bohol Countryside Tour (Day 1)


After our short but eventful Cebu Trip and after spending the night in the old city, we headed to Bohol the next morning.

From mainland Cebu, you can reach Bohol by ferry boats. There are several ferry companies that offer rides from Cebu to Bohol (2Go/SuperCat, Ocean Jet and Weesam)

We purchased a ferry ticket from 2GO Travel in Ayala Mall Cebu for 400 Pesos (one way).
From our hotel along Mango Road Cebu, we took a cab going to the port. Fare is around 150.

The port was abit run down but is surprisingly full that day.

We ate breakfast from one of the kiosk and waited for the ferry to arrive. It arrived just in time for the 8:45AM trip. The trip lasted for more than 2 hours.


We arrived around lunchtime in the lovely port of Tagbilaran.

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To all the Robins.


He jumped from the 22nd floor and landed head first,
hands clenched,
eyes closed,
wearing the only pajamas that reminded him of home.

His last call was a plea to a friend to come over and share a bottle of beer with him.
“Sorry I have something else planned tonight” was the friend’s only reply.

There was no letters, no final messages, no broken things.
Only unopened bottles and haunting silence.
No one really knew.

But we knew, aren’t we?

We count other people’s failures like freckles on their face.
Laugh at her deformed ears,
her weight,
their loneliness,
We mock her on the way she stutters and smiled at his defeat.
We stared like spectators from a glass cage,
whispered as if uttering a curse.
And you say, “how sad it is to live like you.”

“.. to live like you…”

Aren’t we all but damn murderers?

Of Things and Thoughts (3)

1. MONDAY was a long and exhausting trip back from the beach (Baler).

Baler, Aurora

2. The next couple of days – revolved around my corporate duties.


3. Thursday and Friday, I was on Vacation Leave. Nah, I didnt go anywhere. I just slept the entire time. It made me feel better, really. Having the freedom to sleep without the responsibility to set an alarm. I reread Anne Frank’s diary in between.

4. Saturday was “The Fault In Our Stars” movie time. I read the book last year and I can still remember how I loved Hazel Grace’ s sarcasm (lol). TFIOS is not my favorite John Green’s novel but I think the movie is pretty good. Its OST is a totally different story -its mindblowing. (M83 is a great addition to any playlist. Trust me.)

Rereading TFIOS
M83| Wait

5. Sunday, me and Kirby watched “Edge of Tomorrow”, ate alot, hunted Buy 1 Take 1 chocolates at the grocery and walked endlessly. This has been a very chill week for me. I hope next week will not be different (I mean, getting 10+ hours of sleep a day is not a bad idea.)

I missed you, dear Blog.
Will you take me back?

Sharing with you my favorite quote from TFIOS thats typed over @colbyshootspeople awesome photo.

Photo Credit : IG @colbyshootspeople

fiat lux


Your fingers traced my mouth – as if it never spoke of lies.
You say my name with mercy, dismissing the echo of all the hideous crimes it carries.
Your eyes saw the beauty in me, oblivious of my grotesque past, my dark history.

You accepted the monsters I can never unlove, the howling beasts I can never tame.
You carried the weight of all my nightmares.

Today, you put your head on my chest and listen.
Your ears searching for the screaming demons I protected all these years.

And finally you whispered,
“These demons you should let go now, my love.
They dont belong in your soul.
They belong to the universe,
where angels can destroy them.”

In that moment, I found grace.
I found grace.

Of Things and Thoughts (2)


1. Philippines’ 5th Pyromusical Competition is a beautiful tragedy. We basically had to wait for more than 3 hours for the show to start (and even more waiting in between displays). The traffic before and after the show was horrible. However, let me say this (with full confidence), that the fireworks are stunning. When the sky started lighting up to the tune of Fall Out Boys’ – I almost, almost cried. In conclusion, I will go through the same hell next year just so I can watch it again.

2. I sort of re-organized my room a couple of days ago. I put some fairy lights because the subtle glow calms me down.

3. Chocolates. My wretched soul betrays me everyday as I cling to the comfort of this golden, crunchy, manic liar.

4. He and all his beautiful ways (including that discreet nose picking.)

5. Me and my calligraphy fever. I got some new pens and books to keep me busy. Im no pro, I even just use a bunch Artline’s. But calligraphy (much like the fairy lights), calms me down.

March is coming to an end. I hope it was filled with beautiful things for you.
Btw, a got a notification saying I now got 30k views. Seriously? If you’re not my mom and you keep visiting this blog, Thank you! My heart swells in all the right places right now.

NBA Cafe Manila

Disclaimer : Before going to this restaurant, I searched for an early review about the place/food but I couldnt find anything yet. So I hope that what I’m going to share will be helpful in some ways. (This is not a review. Hah!). Forgive the lowres photo.

NBA Cafe opened its doors to the public last March 8 2014. It is located at the 5th Floor of SM Aura in Taguig. Is is said to be the second league-owned restaurant outside the U.S. If youre a big fan of NBA (like ze boyfriend), you should atleast give this place a visit. Come by during championship games, I bet it will be awesome. There is a huuuuge TV screen inside and TV screens all over the place. I can only imagine the intense atmosphere once hardcore NBA fans come together for a championship game.

The place is jampacked when we arrived. Just approach the crew and tell them to have a table reserved right away.

The Place/Atmosphere :

The central area adjacent to the huge TV screen
The Bar
Dining Area

The Food/Menu :
The food is good but nothing really special. I like the milkshakes most. Since we came here on the 2nd day of the opening, I expected that the service will not be that smooth. In fact, it isnt. But the employees are really kind and helpful. There are alot of unavailable food on the menu ( but give it sometime and I think everything will work perfectly fine.)

Whole Wheat Penne
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
Simple and Straighforward Menu


Sample Menu

The whole NBA feel:

Aside from the many TV screen showing the recent game and the wall-to-wall prints/photographs of different players, there are other NBA memorabilia scattered all over the place. The employees encourage almost everyone to roam around and take pictures – which I cant resist.






Overall, we had a great time. The food is abit expensive compared to the usual sportsbar but the atmosphere makes up for it. Now we know the best place to watch the upcoming championship!