Not another #Laboracay Post.

It was only last week when I found out about #Laboracay (which gave me the realization that I am awfully anti-social and outdated). Apparently, there was a multitude of people that visited the island to celebrate the Philippines’ Labor Day Weekend. Pictures of rave parties and bikinis flooded almost every social media that I have. Where am I that weekend? Im pretty sure I went on overtime at work and slept the entire day. Loser. However, there is nothing quite like Boracay during its most peaceful season. Last year for my birthday, me and Kirby visited the island. It was the month of July – which is more or less the monsoon/typhoon season so we are not expecting a lot of tourists. Upon arriving, we realized that our assumption is wrong. There are still alot of tourists (but definitely way less than the crowd the island attracts during summer.) Hence, this is the closest anyone can get to a quiet Boracay. We stayed in Station 3 (because my primary agenda is to experience peace – away from the busy area of Station 1 and 2). And boy Im glad we stayed there because I was greeted by this secluded section every morning : Because we stayed in the most isolated station (literally), we had to walk by the beach everyday to get to some place where we can eat. Honestly, it was one of the activities I enjoyed during the stay. Walking and eating afterwards 🙂 During our stay, we adapted a routine in the island which honestly is something I will not mind doing for the rest of my life – enjoying life and ditching alarm clocks. Here are some of the things that I love about those peaceful days in Boracay. Everyday,  hundreds of Paraws and Sailboats parade around the island. You can rent them to tour you around or for sunrise/sunset viewing. Plenty of time to contemplate about things. From what I can remember, my musings revolved around quitting work that time. (Which didnt happen by the way). Where “diet” never happened. (SMOKE is one of the best restaurant in Boracay! Super affordable yet very delicious food. You can find the restaurant in Station 2, Inside D-Mall) Afternoons on this island are well spend under the shade of coconut tree or right by the beach with cold beverages in hand. Our home by the island. Will definitely recommend this quaint and cozy hotel to anyone. Check Tripadvisor for some feedback. It feels good to see this everyday and gets you reminded. LIVE MORE – how else can you do it? Most of our time in the island was spent walking. We went back to Manila with sore legs and feet. And yes, that crowd is way less than the usual summer tourists. Everyday, we watch the sun set. And believe me, its always more magnificent than the last. When evening comes, the whole stretch of beach comes to life with parties, fire dancers and flickering lights. There is also an abundance of sand castles with candles. These are made by locals. Since its my birthday – I got some surprises! Kirby asked some local kids to carve this on the sand. Of course he gave them a generous amount of tip. He made me and those kids extremely happy that day. Then we watched the sunset. Holding hands. Feet dangling on the Paraw’s edge. #Selfie-ing and Laughing. Best moments of my life!   There is so much more to Boracay than the usual party and crowd. The island, just like everyone of us, needs some  time to heal and be silent. It needs time away from the usual crowd, the usual routine, the usual hurried steps of strangers.
For me, there is absolute beauty in peace and calmness.  

I hope you all have a great week ahead!


(Thanks Kirby for checking my spelling and realized I spelled “weak” instead of “week”. Toasted brain!)