Exploring Sibuyan: The Clear Waters of Cantingas River

Hailed as one of the The Cleanest River in the Philippines, Cantingas River is such a sight to behold

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Do what makes you happy.. Even on Instagram!

Being the awkward girl that I am, it takes a lot for me to communicate (except in writing which as my ex-boyfriend would say “Your element.”) Heck, its not my element. It is only easier for me to write my thoughts than initiate a gut-wrenching conversation with people (except to those I’m really close to) . So for all my other means of communication – I let my social networking sites intervene. I had Friendster (back in the days when comments and “testimonial” are equally encompassing as my real grades in class). And now its Facebook (which honestly became a way of life).  I also have Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest and Google+ which I seldom use. Then came Instagram.

I just recently started Instagram and it took me a good 3 months to get used to it. Why? Because I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do with it. But after a while, I begin to love the freedom it gives us to express who we are and what’s in our minds through pictures. Like an updated, digital scrapbook. Recently, I’m beginning to hear more people talk about how they are so fed up with Instagramers uploading  selfies, photos of what they eat or their pets or babies. I honestly don’t understand why they spend their time telling other people what they should or shouldn’t post in their own profile. I don’t get it, really. As what Jenny Doh put it “Post what YOU want on your IG feed. And let others post what they want on their IG feeds” Simple. I think this should be the “Golden Rule” in social networking in general.

Here’s something for us, fault finders :

 If you spend too much time trying to find out what is good or bad about someone else, you’ll forget your own soul and end up exhausted and defeated by the energy you have wasted in judging others – Paulo Coelho

Pursue your IG happiness from Jenny Doh (http://blog.crescendoh.com)

Let’s all pursue our IG happiness 🙂

A question for adults.


Would your 8 years old self be proud of you right now?

I have very few memories of me when I was a child so Im not really sure what I wanted back when I was just 8 years old. I wished I knew then how to make list or write a diary. But all I could remember when I was that age was that I love picking fruits from our backyard, I enjoy watering our plants during the afternoon when the sun is beginning to set and I love pretending as If Im one of the Ninja Turtles (I even injured my brother – cut his eyebrow open as I wield my bo like my favorite Donatello. No, I dont have a real long staff weapon but I found a metal bar that we used to open the windows and trash it to his face and “accidentally” cut his eyebrows which left a scar up until today. My brother is supposed to be Leonardo with a pair of plastic comb as his Katana. He was clearly disadvantaged defenseless. My mother was so angry she prohibited me from touching my metal bar and Im pretty sure she got me exorcised.)

So with those few (but happy) childhood memories, I dont remember what I really want back then. But my mother must have known as she spent her hard earned money to enroll me to some advanced drawing class, computer lessons (back when computers are only for the super rich) and music class (I ended playing the Bandurria which is the equivalent of today’s DJ Turn Tables. Joke. Its a smaller guitar for the nerds.) OFCOURSE I NEVER REALLY EXCEL ON ANY OF THEM. I become a squandering Engineer (insert sarcasm here.)

All in all, I was a happy 8 years old even though life has been so rough for my family as we grow up. And my 8 years old self would have want the same for me today – HAPPY. Despite the struggles and the lack of too many things. My 8 years old self would be so proud of me as I never let family problems, shortage, failures nor disappointments define me, break me. Instead, I used them as rung to my ladder which Im still climbing up until today. I was unbreakable. I worked for my family and study at the same time. I laughed at my mistakes then try again. I was a fighter. An awkward but sanguine Ninja Turtle.

When I turn 40, I wanna ask myself again if my 26 years old self is proud of what I have become. Hopefully, its a resounding yes with the clink of wine glasses.

How about you? Will you ask yourself the same question?  Are you prepared for the answers?

Thanks @infinitesatori for inspiring this post. And for inspiring me in general.

My Happy Small Things


1. Crazy nights with Dredd and Joyce
2. Peaceful rainy nights spent reading a book or writing.
3. The view of my office building as I eat my favorite siopao with Kirby
4. Writing 101 with these crazies + my patient boyfriend (sleepy all thru out)
5. Unlimited desserts
6. This handsome little boy waking me up during weekends.

13 more days before my birthday. I feel like the past days are floating in a sea of coffee and routine of waking up and sleeping. Nonetheless, I feel exceptionally happy as I wake up everyday, Im turning 26! Freakin 26 and I still get pimples every now and then.

But 26 sounds fun. So I will continue to wake up everyday with  a smile. I hope you do too!

Much love,

Endless rain, warm blanket, hot espresso and all other sentimental things of July


I cant remember any stormless July in my 25 years of waiting for it. More often than not, my July afternoons are filled with daydreaming as I listen to the wrath of typhoon against my window. It is my birth month, and I used to pray really hard for a sunny birthday. But as I get older, I become more sentimental resilient to whatever the heavens will give me. In this country that I so love, its amazing how many times we are hit by typhoons during June to August. And typhoon here means a hell lot of rain, flood and wrecked umbrella. So far, I celebrated 7 consecutive birthdays with wet shoes and gloomy skies. And yes, I embraced each birthday with immeasurable joy.

July reminds me of wet pavement, of cardigans and colorful skirts dancing against the wind. It reminds me of grass soaked with heaven’s blessing- as if thirsty, as if being reborn. I thought of the green leaves of numerous mango trees  surrounding our old house – the greenest they can get all year, the happiest they seem to be. The river, the mountain and the nearby birds appears to be more alive under the July rain.

It reminds me of how beautifully the wind carries her hair away from her face.

I am hopeful than ever for all the beautiful things this month will bring to me. It gave me one last year – a beautiful someone. And I believe it just gets better and better every year.

Cheers to July and all its rain and blessings and surprises!